Presale Release 2022 | Real Estate Token NerveFlux Planting 1 Tree For Every Crypto Wallet

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Buried in a long list of post-holiday crypto happenings, there’s a gem for the new year. A public pre-sale charity initiative for the green cryptocurrency, NerveFlux, which is a non-mineable token, is announcing its long term goal of planting one million trees in different countries worldwide. A tree will be planted for every wallet that holds the coin for more than four months.

NerveFlux is expanding its use case beyond bridging the gap between crypto and real estate by unveiling its new charity program. As crypto investors remain skeptical about the current state of the market, NerveFlux, a crypto project backed by a registered company, has unveiled its charity program weeks before its Public Presale. NerveFlux had oversubscribed Private Sale and successful Public Sale (whitelisted).

NerveFlux is sure it can bridge the gap between crypto and real estate by enabling crypto holders to invest in real estate without having to convert cryptocurrency to fiat. NerveFlux aims to enable investing in real estate properties seamlessly with crypto.

Mario Ljubicic is the Chief Executive Officer of NerveFlux. Speaking with the Croatian born CEO, he said “Understanding the fact that NerveFlux solution is 5 years ahead in the crypto space, we are bringing the needed innovative solution to a practical problem that has faced the crypto sector for over a decade. Investing and participating in our Public Presale come January 14th, 2022 on PinkSale LaunchPad, should be seen as an opportunity to be an early bird. NerveFlux is not a payment gateway or an investment platform. NerveFlux Marketplace will provide the needed technological mechanism to enhance fast and seamless purchases or sales of properties directly with crypto.”

With the genesis of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto hope blockchain technology would solve real-life problems, creating value for the crypto sector. As crypto becomes more acceptable, making new millionaires all over the world, the gap between crypto and real estate broadens, leaving crypto holders at the mercy of banks. NerveFlux is here to bridge that gap, enabling direct Crypto-Real Estate investment while safeguarding legal regulations and requirements by collaborating with local authorities in any given location.

In a world faced with climate emergencies and environmental crises, crypto projects can add value to their project by going green. Charity plays a significant role in every industry that cares about planet Earth.

NerveFlux German-born Chief Marketing Officer, Juergen Hildebrandt said “unlike Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies, Nerve is not a mineable cryptocurrency. Nerve is a green Token. Nerve Charity program will do its bit to fight climate change and help reduce greenhouse emission.”

Speaking further Juergen Hildebrandt said “Our charity program is a use case that gives value to its holders. For every wallet address that holds Nerve for more than 120 days, a tree will be planted with the wallet address tagged on it. We will be planting trees in different countries of the world. Anyone can contribute to our charity program by holding Nerve Token. Our long-term goal is to plant a million trees.”

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