Sinan Blockchain Launch 2022 | Environmentally Friendly Token For Green Energy Power Plants

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There are new initiatives on the horizon for Sinan Energy. Coming in January 2022, unlike other green crypto energy offers, Sinan won’t just be tokenizing the energy output, they’ll actually be designing and building the power plants that will be generating the renewable energy that creates the tokenized carbon credits for investors to buy in on.

The launch of Sinan Energy Tokens will take place on the 13th of January, 2022, on the SushiSwap Decentralized Exchange, and will enable individual, corporate and institutional investors to own and trade carbon credits directly from the operation of utility scale power infrastructure.



Launch of Sinan Energy Tokens takes place January 13th 2022


Sinan Energy is a blockchain enabled decentralized energy utility that builds tokenized renewable energy power plants — enabling individual and institutional investors and major corporations to accumulate carbon credits directly from the operation of utility scale power infrastructure. Unlike other crypto energy offerings, Sinan doesn’t just trade energy, Sinan designs and builds the power plants that generate renewable energy and related carbon credits.



The Sinan Energy Token (SET)


The Sinan Energy Token (SET) is a crypto asset that allows the holder direct rights to the carbon credits accrued as a result of production of renewable energy from real operating power plants. SET Tokens therefore represent real intrinsic value derived from the generation and sale of green energy and will be traded on the SushiSwap Decentralized Exchange.



Sinan Carbon Credit Token


The Sinan Carbon Credit Token (SCC) is a certified carbon credit derived from emissions savings using renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuel power generation. Given the high levels of dirty coal prevalent in most developing economies, Sinan Renewable Energy Plants displace amongst the highest levels of carbon and other noxious emissions than almost any other similar renewable energy project. Carbon credits are expected to increase 20 fold in value over the next 8 years as companies and governments race to meet Net-Zero Targets.

Globally, commercial and industrial sector energy users account for more than 60% of all power produced, making this one of the largest global markets in any industry, running into trillions of dollars. Decentralized Independent Power Utilities like Sinan Energy now compete favorably against fossil fired, centralized, state owned utilities and provide clean energy at lower tariffs to commercial and industrial sector clients.

The move from centralized fossil fired power to renewable energy plants allows a blockchain enabled decentralized utility like Sinan to control the carbon credit value chain from renewable energy source to trading market for all carbon credits that it generates.

Sinan utilizes tokenization and DeFi capability to enable individuals, institutions and corporations everywhere in the world to trade, invest or offset carbon credits derived from the operation of Sinan’s own utility-scale renewable energy plants.

Sinan further enables other renewable generators to seamlessly integrate into its platform thereby increasing the volume of carbon credits available for investment or offsetting.

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